February 22, 2015


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Merger & Acquisitions


Selling a Business


We will analyze your business and recommend the best way to position and communicate your company or project as an attractive investment opportunity. To get there, we will work intensively with your team to formulate and document your business plan based on extensive research. We will prepare suitable financial marketing documentation and draw up a list of prospects. We will maximize the number of potential bidders and ensure a competitive environment while enabling you to control the process and the outcome.

Buying a Business


We thoroughly research the opportunity, advise you during the negotiations and assist in structuring the investment. We provide unbiased resources and independent judgment. We are able to quickly complement your in-house resources and capabilities.

Joint Ventures & Cooperation Agreements


You can grow your business and enhance its attractiveness to investors and lenders on a continuum of possibilities, structures and vehicles. A joint-venture agreement may not give you full control but it will enable you to get things done while using less of your own resources. Besides the technical and financial aspects we will advise you on the interpersonal characteristics of leadership, organization and management.



When discussing your proposal with investors and banks you need impeccable documentation with presentations that are clearly written and easy to understand. We help you structure the substance of a financial transaction, prepare presentations and negotiate the documentation with financiers and lawyers.

Execution Assistance


We help with the realization of the solutions we have designed and planned on your behalf. We provide full risk-assessment and cost-benefit analysis to understand the ramifications of the options. We assist in the structuring, negotiating and the bringing to life of complex solutions.



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Business Development


We prepare our clients for the development of international business and sales and we advise on general strategy and market entry. We have been involved in a variety of businesses, industries and sectors. We advise and assist you in understanding the peculiarities of markets, regions and their cultures and how to successfully do business in a new place.


For the development of international business and sales we perform the following services, either alone or as part of a package:


  • Contacting
  • Customer / Partner review and evaluation
  • Negotiations
  • Agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Receivables management and collection



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We complement your capacity for the successful planning, negotiation and realization of investments. We look at alternative valuation and pricing models, negotiation strategies, integration planning, and the post-merger retention of human and intellectual capital. We advise on your investment projects from the first brain storming to execution.


Along the way we perform the following services, either alone or as part of a package:



  • Analysis of investment opportunities (if you are in a hurry, read about our Rapid Response service.)
  • Due diligence
  • Second opinion
  • Alternative valuations
  • Financing measures
  • Financial and corporate restructuring
  • Refinancing proposals
  • Investment documentation
  • Investment marketing



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We help management teams and owners/shareholders understand and act upon the many challenges and opportunities they face. Our ambition is to come up with fresh perspectives that will help you to better understand situations and to be able to act with conviction. We do this by offering the following services:


  • Research (Again, if you are in a hurry, read about our Rapid Response service.)
  • Decision-making support
  • Structuring and organization
  • Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Controlling


We can work as an advisor to your team or we act as your project manager.